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Whether you wish to stay home for the summer or work in a new city, in a different part of the country, Vantage has you covered! Toronto is Vantage's largest market. The sales territory is HUGE spanning all the way from Ottawa, to Cottage Country, to all of the GTA, the Niagara Peninsula and the Tri-City area. Sales reps who work in Ontario will work all over the province and also have the chance to work in Quebec, on sales road trips. Reps in this market will have company housing in the GTA, but will also stay in hotels across the province. You should be okay with travel, and being on the road should you work in this market. This large territory allows for a large sales team and the past three years the market has been a great one to work in!


Spending a summer in Vancouver is on its own a great experience! Working in the area with Vantage promises to be once in a lifetime. A market for those who want to work hard and play hard, Vancouver offers a truly unique lifestyle.  2017 was our first sales campaign in the area and it was of historic proportions! Sales reps earnings hit new heights in this market. The immense wealth and strong housing market created a perfect sales storm in 2018 and 2019. As it was just our first year couple of years in the market, we look forward to blowing things up even bigger in 2020!


Montreal will be Vantage's new market in 2020! The market is completely fresh and never been worked. We are looking for students who are bilingual to work with us in this market! It could finally be time to put your french to work! Sales reps working in this market will also have the chance to work in Ontario, should they choose! Montreal, like Toronto, is a massive sales territory, so we anticipate a large sales team in this market!


2020 will be our first year in Alberta and we are excited to launch a full scale sales program in both Calgary and Edmonton!


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