Matteo Stradiotto

Wilfred Laurier

As a first-year student, securing a job in the sales/marketing industry can be extremely tough.  Vantage provided me with the amazing opportunity to enter one of the toughest, yet most rewarding industries in business with little experience. In making close to 100 pitches a day, you’ll be able to try new tactics and strategies whilst building on the lessons learned from daily morning training sessions. You will gain extensive knowledge of high-level sales tactics such as effective closing strategy, tonality regulation, and meta-verbal control. In short, Vantage Marketing will test your work ethic and drive. Basically, if you’re willing to push yourself, by the end of the summer you’ll end up miles ahead of your peers in both experience, income, and confidence.

Willie Lalonde

Queen's University

Going into recruiting season it can be very overwhelming with all of the opportunities around us. After graduation I know I want to go into sales and marketing, but during recruiting season I wasn’t exactly sure how to set myself up for success in this sector. After learning that the industry places unparalleled value on door-to-door sales experience, as it is the only job that gives you countless hours of experience giving sales pitches and closing hundreds of deals in only four months, Vantage was an easy choice. When you combine this with the astonishing pay and free travel, it was the right decision for me and was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, not only financially, but socially and professionally as well.

Nathalie Ramirez

Ivey School of Business

Many can agree that at first, door-to-door sales, seems like a risk, and a big one that is.  However, I can confidently say it was the biggest yet most rewarding risk I have ever taken.  Here is why:
-DTD forces you to step out of your comfort zone completely. 
-It forces you to well articulate and speak with confidence
-It forces you to rapidly overcome objections, some that are not necessarily product/service related.
-It forces you to adapt to a constantly changing environment/target group

All of these were key aptitudes that led to my existing Sales job at Info-Tech Research Group.  Not only is it very hard to find full-time work immediately after graduation, but more so even a job that can be considered as a career path.  Not to mention my position as a Commercial Director of Partnerships was not a entry-level  job but because of my sales experience, it was a role I was suited for.

I have now been in my current role for 3 years, straight out of graduation.  On a daily basis, I am creating presentations and engaging with CIOs and CTOS; who can be intimidating in their nature.  Nonetheless, I have been very successful; continuously meeting sales quota and helping this department grow.  I am a voice that is heard and quite influential within my team.  I have a stable career, with a great salary pay and additional uncapped commissions.  When working for Vantage Marketing) at 100% commission, it made me grow some tough skin and definitely put in the best of my effort day in and day out.  Fast forward to my job now, I am constantly being recognized as a valuable asset to my team because of the discipline, hard work ethic, and time management.  And on a personal level, I am much more ahead than those from my graduating class, owning a house and what always was a dream car for me.  You can’t beat your work ethic, but experience sure helps you to grow and develop as a person!  And Vantage absolutely did this for me.

Eric Laurin

Queen's University

Joining Vantage was one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. I was a little skeptical given the fact that it is a 100% commission-based job; however, after my experience, I would have it no other way. Being the sole determinant on how much I could make allowed me to earn 3-4x as much as my peers who were working corporate internships. Additionally, I garnered extensive sales training and skills that are applicable to everyday life and any career path you choose to go down. Whether it be in an interview, where you’re selling yourself, or just convincing your friends on which bar to go to on a given night, the skills you gain will prove themselves time and time again. Lastly, living together with other students from around Canada, in housing paid for by Vantage, gave it the university feel of living with your housemates, except you’re working together and making money, instead of studying.

Alina Grinev


Working at Vantage was my first sales job coming out of Western. I took the job because I knew I wanted to make some money. Now, 5 years later I find myself working for the largest Enterprise Resource Planning software company in the world. 

Why did I do it? I joined Vantage because I loved the opportunity to work with a team, learn about sales and most of all, to make money to travel. While these were great goals at the time, I realize now that I was thinking small and this experience would take me a lot further. The value in starting a career in door-to-door sales goes a lot deeper than “sales experience”. Sales is at the very core of every business, it is the vital organ that any organization needs to survive. Revenue generating roles are the most valued and the highest paid positions at most originations and the last to be dissolved if a company is in financial trouble. What does that mean for you? With a job like this you will be equipped with the valuable real-world experience and practical skills including: active listening, negotiating tactics, controlling the conversation and of course closing the deal. You will be a valuable candidate for an essential position for which talent is always in demand.

What came of it? After working at Vantage, when interviewing for other sales roles I had a direct competitive advantage over other candidates who simply talked about “having determination, persistence and think skin” – I had something to show for it through my experience. In other words, I had the grit that hiring managers were looking for. I started not only ‘getting the job’ but getting ‘the right’ jobs – the well-paying and highly competitive positions with good salaries. Not only did I find myself being the youngest qualified in the room, but I am also now finding my peers from Marketing trying to get their foot into the door of sales. They finally learned that this is where the money is.

Where am I now? I am currently working at a software giant, and my day to day activities involve managing strategic sales cycles with CFOs and Directors of Finance at multimillion-dollar organizations. I have talked a lot about money thus far, but what really drives me is the end-result – all of the things that money has allowed me to do. In the past year I have had the freedom to take a trip every month to destinations that include Costa Rica, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Hawaii. I have also simultaneously saved up enough to put a down payment on a home (or take a year off and travel the world) 😊 To sum things up, joining Vantage had led me to great friendships, new challenges and financial freedom. 


Nick Desumma

Wilfred Laurier University

Vantage was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my personal life and professional career. The opportunity to earn money and enhance your social and communication skills is unlike any other student summer job. The best part? You don’t even need to have business or sales experience to do it! Before joining Vantage, I had absolutely no sales experience whatsoever aside from a couple of customer service jobs. I didn’t think I could sell myself, let alone a product for the summer. Was I ever wrong. By working at Vantage, not only did I gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to sell a product in real life to complete strangers, I had the opportunity to travel around Southern Ontario, create friendships that will last a lifetime, and even got to see my favourite band in concert for free! This job may last only a summer, but it will better you for the rest of your career!

Kurt Hackenberger

Queen's University

Coming out of first-year university there were no real opportunities in the corporate world for a kid only a quarter of the way through his business degree. I saw Vantage as an opportunity to break the mold of what was expected and set off to destination unknown. Although daunting when I first stepped off the plane the people you meet and the places you go are what really make this job unique.

In the end if you’re considering taking this job the one question you have to ask yourself is “Why not me?” and “Why not now?”. When I applied to this job I chose to take a chance, to go against the grain, and for me that decision was one of the best I made in my life.

Julie Todaro

Queen's University

Vantage provides students with a work experience that socially and financially, is unlike any other. Each and every day is a new experience and a new opportunity to flourish as an individual. Similar to other reps, I had previously done sales presentations in various university courses. However, this job required me to actually go out into the community and communicate with a variety of people from different cultures and different age groups. Doing this truly gave me a new perspective of what it is like to sell a product in real life, improving my communication skills like never before. With Vantage, I had the opportunity to travel and work in a variety of amazing places like Vancouver, Muskoka, and more! With Vantage, hard work truly pays off, not only with the outstanding amount of money you can earn but also with the team rewards which included exciting trips and days off. Greatest of all, I got to live with other reps, creating friendships that will last a lifetime. Working for Vantage made me a more confident and hard-working individual. This job gave me unique experiences that will be most beneficial in any endeavour moving forward.

Holly Lecours

Wilfred Laurier University

I spent my past two summers working for Vantage. In summer 2013, going into the job I was super motivated and eager to succeed. It paid off, as I made unbelievable earnings for 4 months and was the top rookie rep in my office.

Following my successful summer, I was hired by Vantage to do some recruiting throughout the school year. In summer 2014, I was offered an assistant managerial position which was applicable for my first business co-op term at Wilfrid Laurier University. Once again, I had a great and successful summer.

Although canvassing is not always the most preferable job, it challenges you to push yourself, while enhancing your work ethic, confidence, and communication skills. I don’t know many companies that offer such a unique job position, giving the opportunity to live in a new city, with the chance to make an unbelievable summer income while being surrounded my cool young people from across Canada. Over the past two years, I have gained sales, recruiting, and managerial work experience, while growing as an individual and having summer’s I will never forget!

John Barry

Queen's University

Vantage sales taught me that if you want something you are going to have to ask for it. That means being able to communicate, negotiate and sell to complete strangers. If you take the discovery mentality that every door is a new opportunity into your everyday life, nothing can stop you. If it was easy everyone would be doing it so trust me you don’t think you want it to be easy.

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