Half Paris, half Brooklyn - Montréal just might be the perfect city!


Have no fear if your Quebécois French is lacking, Montréal is Canada's only large truly bi-lingual city - where you can thrive in either English or French - or the unique "Franglais" - a unique combination of French and English that births phrases such as "c'est vraiment nice" and "c'est chill".


Vantage is proud to be going into its 3rd year in La Belle Province!

    With the largest population of any city in Canada outside of Toronto - Montréal is one of the very best cities in which to sell our service. Tons of never-before-worked areas to knock in, zero competition and an abundant supply of both English and French speaking areas (if you're concerned about speaking French, there are neighbourhoods where virtually everyone speaks nearly exclusively English) all make Montréal the city of choice in Canada in which to sell pest control services. 


    Those working in Montréal will have the opportunity to take travel trips up a city that offers amazing history, architecture, and nature - Quebec City is one of the greatest destinations in Canada. The Upper Town is built into a cliff that offers expansive views of the mighty Saint-Lawrence River, and you can wander the cobblestoned streets of the Quartier Petit-Champlain, lined with cafés and boutiques, as well as explore the surrounding historic convents, churches, and monuments.


    Located just 20 minutes from downtown Montreal - The West Island is the western part of the island of Montreal. It's mainly a residential suburb of the city of Montreal and is the location of the Trudeau Airport and McGill University's Macdonald Campus. Residents are mostly English speakers (or "anglophones"), in contrast to the mostly French speaking residents of the rest of Montreal. Filled with the wealthiest English speaking Quebec residents - the West Island is one of the best areas to sell pest control services in Canada.


    Only 80 miles north of Montreal, Mont-Tremblant ski and recreation area is an oasis carved out of the Laurentian Mountainside. Cobblestone streets lined with buildings that mimic Montreal’s Old Port but with vibrant red, teal and marigold facades and roofs. The Tremblant area is Montréal's cottage-country, filled with beautiful homes, high levels of wealth, hundreds of lakes and several beautiful ski and mountain biking areas. 


Dedicated to helping you succeed


Director of Sales

The Montréal office is run by Jordan Earl, who has been in the pest control industry for 15 years. Jordan started in the job as a rookie summer sales rep when he was attending the University of Manitoba's Asper School of Business.


Jordan has personally sold over $500,000 in a season many times as a sales rep, was the top sales Canada-wide sales rep in 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 while also running the Montréal branch of Vantage Marketing Canada, operated a pest-control business in Illinois, Texas and New Mexico - operated a pest control marketing business across the southern US for many years, and now operates all Québec operations for Vantage Marketing Canada.


Jordan sits on the board of the Winnipeg Nightlifestyle Awards and has invested in several revenue properties and the nightclub industry - all of which has been possible as a result of pest-control.



Sales Manager

This is Jakes 6th season with Vantage Marketing! In past years he has worked in California (Sacramento down to San Diego), Hawaii, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, and Montreal! During his time with Vantage he has not only generated well over $600,000 in new revenue for the company but been a leader in the field of pest control.


This summer Jake will be working alongside his good friend Jordan in Montreal helping oversee all Quebec operations. During his tenure with Vantage, Jake has held many roles in the offseason months, including Technology Consultant with Robert Half, Strategic Partnerships with Tatango, and Strategic Partnerships with Revenue Accelerator.

Calgary downtown in the evening at sunse


Discipline and support.
Knocking doors is one of the most challenging ways you could choose to spend your summer. If you choose to do it in Montréal, there will be plenty of distractions. There will be time to indulge in all that the city has to offer, but Monday - Friday is about discipline, improving, and skill development.


Here are some first hand experiences from people who have lived and worked in Quebec


2nd Year

L'atmosphère était favorable à la progression et au développement de soi et de ses capacités de ventes et de marketing, grâce aux méthodes pédagogiques et challengeantes de Jordan, qui a su faire sortir le meilleur de moi-même, et ainsi m'avoir permis de non seulement gagner de l'argent de manière rapide mais en plus de gagner en expérience et en savoir.



2nd Year

My favourite part about working with vantage in Montreal, was being apart of the positive and fun environment that Jordan Earl has created. Being apart of Jordan’s team, immediately I started to notice the improvements in my sales & communication skills. In addition, working under someone with such a great work ethic, it really rubs off. I can not wait to go back to Montreal, and get back on those doors!



2nd Year

L'expérience en soit était riche en qualité autant donné à l'apprentissage que les amitiés que je me suis forgées durant ce temps. Jordan Earl, le manager local est d’une renommée internationale dans les secteur de la vente - le Stephen Curry de la vente. L’avoir eu comme mentor cet été a largement contribué à mon développement personnel et aussi en tant que vendeur.


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